Mak Chishty ACPO

Lead on Forced Marriage

This book provides a vital understanding of FM and dis honour based violence and is a crucial tool to protect people and saving lives”


Chaz Akoshile

Joint Head Forced Marriage Unit

This book is a fantastic and original resource for students and teachers alike – a must for tackling forced marriage”.

Rosamund Urwin

Columnist, Interviewer and Feature Writer for the London Evening Standard

When I think of modern-day heroes, Aneeta Prem is always top of my list for her tireless campaigning against forced marriage. In But It’s Not Fair, she shows how the young can help a friend who is being put through this trauma. It could be the most important book a teenager ever reads; if you want to be a good friend, start it now.


Nazir Afzal OBE LLD (hon)

Chief Crown Prosecutor

A book that deserves to be read by everyone who may be touched by forced marriage or know someone who may be at risk. Its only through education that we will save lives.

Chris Keates (Ms)

General Secretary NASUWT The Teachers’ Union

But it’s not Fair” is a useful and vital resource for schools and young people in raising awareness of forced marriage and other forms of dishonour abuse. No young person’s life should be marred by such abuse. This publication makes an important contribution to the ongoing campaign to eradicate all forms of violence and ill-treatment of young people.


Russell Hobby

General Secretary of the NAHT, and Louis Coiffait, CEO of NAHT Edge, (National Association of Head Teachers)

The NAHT urge all schools to include these issues in their PSHE provision and to ensure that the schools’ workforce is equipped to recognise the signs that there could be potential victims in the school. We are particularly anxious that the view that this is a matter that only affects schools serving diverse communities. NAHT welcomes the lead provided by Freedom and the confidence it gives to schools to recognise that this is essentially a safeguarding matter and that actively opposing these practices should be seen in this light and not an attack on cultural practices’’

Nick Boddington

The PSHE Association’s Subject Lead

The Freedom Charity resource is a very clear and focused approach to two sensitive yet vital subjects and approaches the issues in a balanced, relevant and realistic way. We believe that this resource can form an important part of a planned PSHE programme.” The lesson plans can be complemented by the ‘But It’s Not Fair’ book, a fictional account of different perspectives on forced marriages which is available on the Home Office website


Yvonne O’Brien

Would like to thank you for visiting Westminster University last night. The work you are doing is inspiring and I hope to see Freedom flourish in the future. Wishing you all the success in the world x

Yasmin Kazi

It’s been a great pleasure meeting you today, Your book is amazing! &Very inspirational. I hope everything in the future goes well, and the messages gets around to everyone. Thank you, for coming down to Haverstock Aneeta


Sheila Eaton

President National Council of Women
But It’s Not Fair – Aneeta Prem’s book providing information on forced marriage in an easily accessed style…
Your Editor noted that this book was a non-judgmental, fictional account of different perspectives on forced marriages, giving the background to the views of the traditional family and the families arriving to settle in this country. At the same time it showed the horrors of girls of 14- 16 being taken against their will to India/Pakistan, forced to marry and often being beaten and badly treated by the new husband’s family and with little prospect of any contact with their families here. The repercussions on families and school-friends are described, together with ways in which fellow pupils and adults can be alert and know what action they could take. It is a complex situation which requires careful handling. I think the book is essential reading for school children, teachers and all those involved in dealing with the wider situation – for example, better integration of immigrants – and for anyone who wants a reliable understanding of this issue.

Samira Goni

Today Aneeta Prem the Author of “But It’s Not Fair” came over to my school in an order to launch freedom charities help text line. She is Amazing and today I have to admit Aneeta had inspired us by coming to our school and especially she has helped me expand my knowledge on something’s I had not been entirely aware about. She shared some of the most unpleasant experiences she had dealt with in her life, which of course helped her to understand and develop her understanding upon parents forcing their children to do something’s which they do not wish to do, where some therefore take it to the extreme and end up scarring their child’s life which remains within them forever.
Thank You Aneeta! 🙂

It is delightful to meet someone so inspirational thank you! I hope Freedom Charity happens to become well known and so the word can go around and aware people that this charity is here to help…. Thank You xx


Zainab Bint Muhammad

Hello, Aneeta did an assembly in my school today about forced marriages. Also provided my school a book called “But its not fair” . I would love my own copy of the book. Please can you kindly provide me with a copy of the book?

Rhel Miah

Love the book! and gonna keep supporting this charity, thanks for coming down to Haverstock Aneeta
The book tells the truth of forced marriages, and how it often goes unspoken of. It also shows how it can be stopped.